Acrocyanosis Treatment In Snohomish

In most patients, the most common signs that acrocyanosis is present will be swelling and bluish discoloration of the skin on the hands or the feet. Some patients may even have discoloration present on their face. If you or someone that you love has these symptoms, you can make an appointment to see us at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic so that we can get you on the right track for proper diagnosis and then get the process going for acrocyanosis treatment in Snohomish.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Snohomish

There can be some symptoms of acrocyanosis where the patient will have a clammy feeling to their skin or it will be cold to the touch. While most patients do not feel pain, there are some that will feel discomfort that comes with the swelling. When there is a case that is a lot more severe, there can be a bit of ulceration on the skin, which is a sore that needs to be treated. No matter what your symptoms might be, we will be able to formulate the perfect plan to give you the treatment that you need.

Acrocyanosis is a condition that is quite often found in both young adults as well as children. There can be a number of variables, that may include occupation, body weight, lifestyle and climate. However, most of the patients who are diagnosed with this condition will usually either be female or have some sort of neurological deficit.

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