Acrocyanosis Treatment In Redmond

When you are exposed to the cold, you may notice that your feet will start to turn a bluish color. If this is something that happens quite often, you may be experiencing a condition that is known as acrocyanosis. By working with our professional team at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will be able to help you to not only determine the condition that you are experiencing, but also help to come up with the best acrocyanosis treatment in Redmond to suit your needs.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Redmond

The condition of acrocyanosis is a vasospastic-type disorder that makes it difficult for the blood supply to move into the areas of the hands and feet. When these small arteries that carry blood to the skin in these areas are blocked, there is a loss of oxygen that turns into the bluish color. While this is not a common condition, there are a lot more men than women who end up having it at some point in their life.

In more severe cases, a patient with acrocyanosis may end up developing a great deal of swelling that will come with a certain amount of discomfort. However, pain is not normally a symptom of the condition. In a more severe case, there can also be a bit of ulceration that will take place.

When you meet with us at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will be able to give you a full medical examination as well as go over all of your past medical history. From there, you will have your diagnosis as well as the treatments that you need to start feeling like yourself once again. Call (425)482-6663 to talk with the professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic today about some of your options for acrocyanosis treatment in Redmond.