Acrocyanosis Treatment In Mukilteo

The most common signs and symptoms that will arise with acrocyanosis is the cold temperature and blue discoloration in the hands and the feet. If you are noticing that you have either of these symptoms, it is going to be best that you make your way to seek professional diagnosis and acrocyanosis treatment in Mukilteo through our offices at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Mukilteo

A patient with this condition will often have extremities that are both moist and sweaty to the touch, with some patients having a certain amount of swelling. There should also be the presence of regular arterial pulses in both the hands and the feet since there should not be any blockages in the larger arteries that are found within the legs or arms.

However, when it comes to acrocyanosis, it is crucial that you have a professional examination just to be sure that there is no other underlying condition that is causing the discoloration. There can often be a number of other health conditions that will present with such bluish coloring of the skin, including those of the connective tissue and the cardiovascular system.

Call (425)482-6663 so that you can talk with our group of professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic today about some of your options for acrocyanosis treatment in Mukilteo. Our team will be able to talk with you during your initial consultation, go through a complete medical history and examination and then come up with a treatment plan. Surgery is very rarely needed, with most of the viable treatment options including methods to wick away moisture, keeping the extremities warm and working to keep as much of the swelling down as possible.