Acrocyanosis Treatment In Mill Creek

Presenting with a blue color on your extremities may mean that you have a condition that is known as acrocyanosis. This is a condition that is usually found on the hands and/or the feet, which comes with a bluish or reddish discoloration on the skin. There can also be some coldness or profuse sweating of the toes that may occur. If you feel as though you fall in line with any of these symptoms, you should look for proper acrocyanosis treatment in Mill Creek.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Mill Creek

To better understand this condition, you should know that it is caused by the constriction of the small arteries that are located on the ends of the arms and legs. There are a number of newborns that present with this condition, whether they are pre-term or full term. It is thought to be a fairly normal condition for a newborn simply because they have underdeveloped capillaries and immature circulation.

The exact cause of acrocyanosis in some patients is unknown and it is thought to be a benign disorder that includes the narrowing of the arteries in both the lower and upper extremities. This condition is often seen more often in children or young adults and it also seems as though women are more prone to it than men. Some of the risk factors may include cold climate, working outdoors, poor diet and lower body mass index.

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