Acrocyanosis Treatment In Issaquah

When your feet tend to turn blue when they are exposed to the cold, it may be that you are experiencing a condition that is known as acrocyanosis. Our staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic will be happy to discuss your symptoms with you and work on ways that we can get you the acrocyanosis treatments in Issaquah that you are looking for so that you can feel like yourself once again.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Issaquah

The condition of acrocyanosis is where your feet and your other extremities can sometimes turn blue when they are exposed to cold. This color change will impact both sides of your body at the same time and it will usually take the same amount of time to go down. While this is a painless health condition, you can notice that there will be some discomfort if a whole lot of swelling is present. Women are usually impacted by this health condition more than men are and there could be some other issues that are the cause that will need to be ruled out by a professional.

The cause of acrocyanosis is when small arteries that carry blood to the skin of the feet become constricted suddenly, which cuts down on the blood flow. Colder temperatures will often cause the restriction, then emotional stressors can add to the condition overall.

The symptoms of the condition known as acrocyanosis can include cold and sweaty feet, moisture of the feet, bluish discoloration, localized swelling and ulceration in more severe cases. No matter what your cause may be, we will work hard to make sure that we can help you to come up with the right treatment.

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