Acrocyanosis Treatment In Everett

You should think about seeking professional acrocyanosis treatment in Everett if you start to present with the more known symptoms. This is a rare condition that makes it so that the blood is unable to get enough oxygen, which causes a bluish color in the extremities. The blue color comes from a loss of oxygen in the blood and it normally impacts the hands and the feet.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Everett

Some patients who have acrocyanosis will have a lot of pain, while others may not have any pain at all. This is not a condition that is very common, with some patients who will develop symptoms after they are exposed to colder temperatures. There can also be a number of other causes that are underlying, such as pulmonary or cardiac abnormalities, deoxygenated localized tissues, dietary issues and other neurological deficits.

There is no singular cure for acrocyanosis and some patients may benefit from one treatment and not another. The main focus will be keeping your feet warm and making sure that the blood is able to circulate properly. Insulated socks or footwear can help, especially when it comes to drawing moisture out and away from your skin. Luckily, this is not the type of condition that will get worse over a period of time.

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