Acrocyanosis Treatment In Arlington

Often a painless disorder, acrocyanosis is a condition that impacts the arteries that work to supply blood to the skin of your extremities, which are your hands or feet. Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic will be able to help you to properly diagnose this condition as well as help you to formulate the right acrocyanosis treatment in Arlington.

Acrocyanosis Treatment In Arlington

Whenever there are blockages in the small arteries that carry the oxygen that the skin needs, there can be a discoloration. The inadequate blood supply actually changes the coloration of the skin from normal to a bluish or purple color, which is known as cyanosis.

Acrocyanosis is a condition that is usually benign, however there is often an underlying health issue that should be addressed. Our professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic will be able to work with you, give you a full examination and help to make sure that there is nothing else that is going on with your connective tissue or your cardiovascular system that could be causing the discoloration.

Symptoms of acrocyanosis will often include:

  • discoloration of the skin
  • sweating
  • cold temperature
  • swelling
  • ulceration (in severe cases)

If you are showing up with any of these symptoms, we will be able to show you the ways to properly treat the condition, most of which will include making sure that your blood is able to circulate normally.

Call (425)482-6663 to talk with the professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic today about some of your options for acrocyanosis treatment in Arlington. After an initial consultation and examination, we will be able to put together the right treatment to fully meet your needs. We look forward to working with you at our offices.