Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Heel Related Issues

For many people, the pain that can come with Achilles tendinitis is similar to a mild or moderate aching in the back portion of the leg. There can be pain that will get stronger after some sporting activity or running. The episodes can become more severe, or the pain can become sharper with excessive activity. When you are experiencing any of this, it is going to be important for you to get the Achilles tendonitis treatment in Mill Creek to help you so that you can start feeling like yourself again.

How Do You Know When You Need to See a Podiatrist?

If you happen to be experiencing persistent pain around the area of your Achilles tendon, you should think about calling to get an appointment to get checked out. If you have severe pain or it disables you in any way, you need to seek immediate medical attention as there could be a tear or rupture of your Achilles tendon.

How Can Achilles Tendonitis Get Treated?

Depending on how severe your injury might be, there are several available treatment options. However, relaxation and rest are usually strongly recommended to get started. You may also be asked to skip the running schedule or heavy workouts and opt for low-impact exercise instead, such as swimming. The key is to limit anything that might be stressful for your body so that your Achilles has time to heal at its own pace and without any added pressure.

Visiting Your Podiatrist

Whenever possible, our staff will work with you to help formulate a series of treatments and exercises that you can take care of on your own at home. There are several stretches, and physical therapy that you can do that will slowly help you work the tendon until it gets back into shape.

There may also be a few suggestions, including:

  • Orthopedic products
  • Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications
  • Bandages
  • Restrictions to limit movement that may cause further irritation

If these tactics do not seem to work or the pain you are feeling gets any worse, you will have to come in for the next step in the treatment process, which could include surgery.

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