Achilles Tendonitis Treatment In Lynnwood

There are a number of options that you have available to you when you are in need of Achilles tendonitis treatment in Lynnwood. With most patients, there are nonsurgical treatment options that you can pick from that will help to give you a level of relief. However, there could be several months that will pass before the symptoms will be completely gone.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment In Lynnwood

When you work with our friendly and professional staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will work with you to come up with an individualized treatment plan that will hopefully get you back up and on your feet in no time at all. If you happen to have been dealing with Achilles tendon pain for quite some time, it may take even longer for the pain to fully go away.

Rest is going to be the number one method for treatment when you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis. It is important that you slow down or eliminate the strenuous activities that you are normally taking on so that the leg has time to heal.

Ice is another treatment option that can be done for 20 minutes at a time to allow for the inflammation and swelling to go down. Paired with non-steroidal medications and anti-inflammatories, you should start to notice that the swelling and the pain will begin to go down.

No matter what you need from us in terms of treatment, we are happy to work with you to make sure that you are getting the care that you need. Call (425)482-6663 to talk with the professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic about your options in Achilles tendonitis treatment in Lynnwood. We look forward to meeting you and getting you back on your feet again.