Achilles Tendonitis Treatment In Kirkland

If you are dealing with the pain and discomfort of Achilles tendonitis, it is a good idea to make an appointment to see a professional so that you can get a proper diagnosis. Once you meet with us at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will give you a full examination so that we can gather all of the information necessary on your injury. From there, we will be able to formulate a plan for Achilles tendonitis treatment in Kirkland so that you can start to feel better once again.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment In Kirkland

Although it may take some time, there are a number of non-surgical treatment options that you can try when you are going through the discomfort of Achilles tendonitis. However, the treatment is often very time consuming, especially if you are used to being an active person. It is important that you are able to get plenty of rest and if you are normally running, walking or exercising regularly, you need to be able to change up your exercises so that you are not putting a lot of weight and strain on your tendon.

After a period of time trying to go the non-surgical route for treatment, if there is not enough of a change for the better, it may be necessary to schedule surgery. Our team will be able to discuss all of the options with you as well as talk about your recovery time with each. Most patients will have the option of either a closed or open surgery to repair their Achilles tendonitis, both of which should give you a great bit of hope that you will be able to resume your regular activities over time.

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