Achilles Tendon Surgery In Sammamish

When it comes to an injury such as an Achilles tendon rupture, there can be a certain amount of complications involved if you are not careful. Some patients will often run the risk of re-rupture at a rate of about 20 to 40%, so you need to listen to your surgeon during and after the recovery process. When you are slated for Achilles tendon surgery in Sammamish with Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, you will be educated every step of the way. If you ever have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to address them to make sure that you are in the know throughout the healing process.

Achilles Tendon Surgery In Sammamish

Of course, repeated surgery will often be to not following the care instructions. Some patients will also end up with issues that can lead to nerve damage, sloughing of the skin, wound infection and more if they are not careful.

Once you have the surgery, you will go through a bit of initial recovery and healing time before starting in on any sort of exercise or rehabilitation. After your cast comes off, the exercises can begin, progressing further to include more strenuous exercises that will include resistance to strengthen the muscles. Overall, the recovery time is going to depend on the motivation of the patient as well as the desired activity level.

Call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic regarding Achilles tendon surgery in Sammamish at (425)482-6663. When you work with our professional team and podiatrist, you will always have the best possible chance at a full recovery. No matter what, we want to make sure that we can do all that we can to get you back on your feet again and feeling like yourself again.