Achilles Tendon Surgery In Kirkland

Achilles Tendon Surgery In KirklandNot all pain that you could end up experiencing in the back of your foot or ankle is due to a rupture of your Achilles tendon. There can be several issues, including bursitis, that you need to think about. This is why it is so important to see a professional podiatrist so that you can obtain a proper diagnosis of the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing. Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic can help you to understand your injury and whether or not you may need to have Achilles tendon surgery in Kirkland for a rupture.

There can be a number of different causes that can lead up to an Achilles tendon rupture, including repeated stress of a tendon that has been injured at least once in the past. Some of the other causes of a rupture could include:

  • Overuse or excessive activity
  • Flat feet
  • Ill fitting shoes or the wrong style of shoe for your activity
  • Not enough warm up time prior to exercising or sports
  • Running or jogging on harder surfaces
  • Previous injuries to the foot or muscles in the leg
  • Trauma to your ankle
  • Weakened muscles in your calf
  • Quick changes in the intensity of the exercises or activity you are taking part in

Whenever we suspect that a patient coming into our office has suffered an Achilles tendon rupture, we will make sure that we take all of the necessary steps for a proper diagnosis. This will include a full medical history, examination and any of the necessary x-rays or scans to be sure that we know what we are dealing with.

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